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When to Call For Repairs

Looking at the condition of your roof can be a tricky affair, you can look at it from afar and see some wears and tears, but that won’t let you see into any dips or bends in your blind spot. Seeing the roof up close can allow you to see details you wouldn’t have caught before on the ground. So then you have to drag a ladder out and climb it, which for some can posit risks. Rest assured, if you’re one who is more hesitant to climb, most roofing companies offer free roof inspections to take your safety into consideration. An added plus is that with a professional, you can count on a trained eye that knows what to look for and how.

Roof Repairs & Maintenance for Strong Healthy Roof

There are many signs of a roof in need of repairs, get the help you need so you can maintain a strong & healthy roof!

Even if you aren’t a pro, there are signs that present themselves in an outward fashion which can assist you in making the decision to make the call for roof repairs.

Common Signs of Wear or Damage

Water Stains: If you are seeing water stains on the exterior of your roof or on your ceilings, it could be that there are problems with your gutters, downspouts, shingles or flashing. Take a look into your attic to see if there are any leaks coming through. Leaks can cause more damage when they progress so it’s important to reach out as soon as you notice one.

Dark Stains: If your roof is exhibiting dark stains, the likely cause is the formation of algae or moss. These are typically not a large issue, however, it isn’t recommended scraping or washing your shingles for removal.

Mold: Mold occurs when your drainage systems are working improperly. Make sure your gutters are being cleaned out regularly so water can run off in the appropriate channels and not wear your roof prematurely.

Damage to Shingles

Loose or missing shingles should be remedied quickly as it exposes flashing and can cause further damage. This usually occurs after a storm which can cause nails to pop out, so be sure to check on your roof after inclement weather for this reason. Granule loss is usually easy to spot due to the look of balding and can also be noticed in your gutters. If you see small piles of black or gray granules collected in your downspouts or gutters than these are signs that your roof’s shingles are nearing the end of their life or have prematurely failed and need replacements.

If you notice cracks on your shingles than this is a sign of old age and wear. Cracked shingles can expose flashing and disrupt its performance when inclement weather arises so it’s best to seal them up with caulk temporarily or replace them. However, if you are seeing a lot of these on your roof it can be a sign of roof aging and it would be best to consider replacements as they won’t perform well for long.

Popped shingles tend to appear after a hail storm or if there is inadequate attic ventilation. When temperatures rise above 120°, shingles are prone to blistering which can look similar to hail damage. They could also begin to curl due to heat. When this happens our roofers can seal the edges down or replace them.

Other Roof Damage

With Broken Gutters Call for Roof Repairs!

Broken gutters can cause uneven water run-off which can incur further damages on your roof!

If any areas like vent stacks or chimneys are showing signs of wear, cracks or loosening in the gaskets, shingles or flashing then this indicates failure of the entire roofing system. It could also mean that roofing materials were applied improperly, such as poor caulking or flashing which can cause leaks.

When part of your roof is sagging, this a red flag of structural damages. If you are seeing this sign,  it is essential to call a professional as soon as possible to avoid the risk of collapse. Along with any of the conditions you’ve noticed above, keeping track of the age of your roof can be very helpful in determining if you need an overall roof replacement. Looking to see if your neighbors are replacing their roofs are a good indication as most neighborhoods are built around the same time. Depending on your roofing material, there is a wide range of life expectancy for roofs. Most roofs are designed to withstand about 25 years of natural wear, however, depending on the region you live, weather, or damage that it incurred over the years time can shorten or lengthen. When your roof hits the age of 20, it’s essential to keep a close eye on any conditions that risk potential damages in case it needs repairs or replacements.

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