Residential Remodeling

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Variety of Residential Remodeling Services

We offer a variety of residential remodeling services so all your needs are met!

We know that it can be a struggle to find reliable residential remodeling contractors in San Antonio, TX! That’s why we here at Americana Remodeling LLC make the effort to provide you with a variety of remodeling services so you won’t have to bounce around from place to place! With over 30 years of experience, we pride ourselves in fine-tuning our services so you can expect top-notch quality! We’re happy to discuss a variety of different options and materials that will best match your property in accordance with its make-up, age, location, and other factors. When we add in the factors that surround your home when it comes to residential remodeling, you’ll be able to choose the best options that will assimilate nicely to the existing systems of your home!

Our Residential Remodeling Services

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Repair Services

Don’t let problems in your electrical system interrupt your daily flow! Whether you are having inconsistent lighting or faulty wiring, we’ll be sure to make the necessary repairs so you don’t have to risk any electric shocks! Always remember to consult a professional electrician for any questions or concerns you may have as these repairs may pose a risk to your safety. If you’re noticing a leaky faucet or having trouble with clogged pipes, we here at Americana Remodeling LLC have expert plumbers ready to help you out so your water line is working correctly again! From small repairs to larger replacements, your plumbing is an integral part of your home that can progress in damages if left ignored! No matter the room of ailment, we are more than able to work with your plumbing system for fixes.

Installation Services

Depending on the area of your home, certain types of flooring materials are better suited than others. Areas with high humidity, for example, require options that are water-resistant so you won’t have to make repairs from water damages in the future. Let us know which room you are thinking of, and we’ll be sure to provide you with options that work best with that room! Gutters make or break your roofing, and at times even your foundation, so they are a very necessary and essential part of your home. Avoid water damages from uneven runoff or corroding gutter materials. With a variety of materials and gutter shapes, the benefits can range in longevity, wear, protection and resistance. Make sure the insulation and water flow of your home’s siding is in working order to avoid damages to your landscape and a spike in your energy bills. Not only can you implement different techniques of joining, but you can also use a variety of siding materials to provide a new and fresh design to your home.

Interior Design

Reliable Residential Remodeling Contractors with 30 Years of Experience!

For reliable residential remodeling contractors, trust our 30 years of experience!

Instead of reselling your home, consider the construction of home additions! With conversions, you can transform any unused space like attics or garages to rooms that you know you’ll need or use as an extra bedroom or workshop. If you don’t want big changes and only require a little additional space to certain rooms, bump outs allow for small extensions of space for say a kitchen breakfast nook or room for a bathtub in a bathroom! Windows may need replacement after a heavy storm or maybe your home has aged and it’s time for new fixtures! With energy efficient and impact resistant options, you can cut down on energy bills and be safe during inclement weather! We offer a variety of style changes from sliding windows to double hung so you may open your window in the direction you want to! Just like with flooring, each room has its own micro-environment that requires special paints be used specifically for that room. With all the different coatings, compositions and sheen available in the market, we’ll cut back the middle man so you”ll know what paint is best for which room.

With residential remodeling, you want to count on the expertise of qualified professionals that you can trust! There are many ways that you can upgrade the functionality and look of your home into more modern options. With the variety of services we offer, our team is equipped with a wide range of proper techniques and tricks necessary to get the job done so you’re left happy with the results. If you have any questions, give us a call and our friendly staff will be happy to clarify any confusion so we can set you up with top quality results!

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