Electrical Repair Service

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Electricians Check Fuse Board

A qualified electrician can test your fuse board to make sure everything is in order!

Electrical issues can impact your daily lifestyle as well as affect your utility bills. You don’t want to come home expecting your lights or TV to work only to find that there’s a wiring issue. When it comes to home electricity, inconveniences can be small or large depending on your electrical issue or area of the home. Issues can arise from previously poor electrical work, human error, when appliances go bad or from bad environmental conditions. No matter the case, contact your local electrical repair service is recommended so you don’t risk your own safety. There are important steps that any person must comply to in order to prevent future issues and to maintain a safe application. There are numerous types of electrical problems and scenarios as well as multiple types of repairs or fixtures that can be chosen as the means of remedy. Whether you’re undergoing electrical repairs or installations for remodeling, renovations or because you’re having an emergency issue, count on Americana Remodeling LLC! We’ll be happy to discuss options with you and communicate the process throughout the job!

Types of Electrical Problems

If you’re having high electricity bills, consider energy efficient bulbs, multi-outlet power cords, turning off or unplugging devices when they aren’t being used, repairing damaged wires or circuits, getting a cost-effective service provider or gaining knowledge of surging devices. Power sags and dips can occur when your power grid is made of poor quality material, it can pull on more power than necessary when it’s switched on. When power grips are faulty and an appliance is connected to it you may expect these phenomena.

On the other hand, electrical surges only last a second and can be caused by temporary inconveniences. However, if you experience a surge frequently then this can lead to damages that can affect your line’s life expectancy. Issues can stem from damaged power lines, lightning strikes, poor wiring, or faulty appliances. Overloading can occur when a bulb has a higher wattage than the connection allows for, thereby overheating and possibly melting the insulation and socket. This in turns causes sparks or electrical fires between wires. Damages to wires and other areas can occur and need fixtures. Multiple light bulb burnouts can be caused by insulation that’s too close to the light, high bulb wattage, more wattage on a dimmer switch or poor wiring on mains and circuits.

Some issues can be considered code violations and should be remedied before site inspections. An example of this is uncovered junction boxes that have numerous wires that if left exposed or is damaged can give a shock to those in contact with it. Electric shocks often occur when you’re not using electricity properly like when circuits don’t fit, there’s an issue with appliances, faulty wiring or you’re flipping the on and off switch. When light switches aren’t working, this could be due to poor initial connections or product quality, other reasons include faults in outlets, wiring or circuits. 

Flickering lights can occur when high winds sway the power lines or they’re frayed. You can have tripped circuit breakers if high power appliances or items are used before plugging in another plug. If this happens, then technically it means your electric system is working. In order to prevent or ease a trip, you can lower the setting or rely on one circuit. If you need more outlets in your home, they can be added or if you have an extension cord that isn’t 14 gauge or thicker you should be fine.

Possible Electrical Repairs

With the wide range of electrical problems out there, here are some possible fixtures. Give us a call at (210) 305-4257 to see if there are other electrical repairs we’ll be able to assist you with!

  • Light Switches or Fixtures
  • Bathroom or Ceiling Fans
  • Surge Protectors
  • Ceiling Fan
  • Outlets
  • Dimmer Switches
  • Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters
  • Smoke or Carbon Monoxide Detectors
  • Install New Wiring
  • Upgrade or Install New Circuit Panel
  • Electrical Fireplace
  • Home Automation System
  • Home Security System
  • Video Surveillance
  • Home Theater
Home Electrical Installations or Repairs

Americana Remodeling can help you with all of your electrical installations or repairs!

Electrical issues can pose risks to safety if you are unsure on how to go about fixtures. Always consult a professional for assistance, in some cases, certain electrical repairs or installations may require a permit. Assistance with a qualified technician can go relatively smoothly, if you feel that you may be having problems, give us a call! Remember to not put yourself at risk by touching exposed wiring!

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