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Flooring is an essential part of the home that can provide comfort and ease in movement. With the variety of styles available, it can be confusing to decide which type of flooring installation should go to which area of the house. Just like with home painting services, the type of material you use can vary depending on the room or area of the house you are applying it.

Types of Flooring

Carpets can come in wool, nylon, acrylic, polypropylene or polyester. They can be durable to stains, soiling and foot traffic depending on certain factors such as material, fiber shapes, and profile. Although no carpet is 100% stain resistant, stain-resistant carpets allow for easy removal without permanent damage. Some materials naturally resist stains like nylon and polyester, while others require the assistance of a coating that repels liquid or dirt to prevent them from fully sinking in.

Vinyls and Laminate Flooring

Resilient flooring can come in the form of linoleum, laminate, and vinyl. Linoleum is made from natural products like linseed oil, cork dust, rosin or wood flour that is then combined with mineral fillers like calcium carbonate and or burlap. It is water resistant but needs to be sealed periodically. Humidity and flooding can cause damage so don’t place in moisture apparent rooms like kitchens or bathrooms. Vinyl can come in sheet or tiles form, both are low maintenance, durable and affordable options. Vinyl sheets are durable and can be installed anywhere inside the home. Due to a single solid surface, moisture-prone areas like baths and kitchens are a good option for placement. Vinyl tiles have peel-and-stick installation options for easy placement. Both can be used on any level or flat surface beside stairs. They’re usually incorporated in bathrooms, kitchens or playrooms. Laminate has layered constructed that consists of a hardened layer that protects it from scratches, stains, spills and fading as well as an inner layer that adds stability and is moisture resistance. It was designed in order to withstand everyday wear in an active household and can be installed almost everywhere.

Stone and Concrete Flooring

Stone makes use of different types of natural rock like granite, marble, slate, and limestone. The appearance can improve with age and it is durable to all flooring types. Polished concrete is a no-wax flooring material that has a mirror-like shine, it’s polished with coarse diamond segments bonded within a metallic matrix that is strong enough to get rid of any blemishes, stains or minor pits. There are usually levels of sheen available from satin to high-gloss and can be polished wet or dry. These floors come in any color, shape or design and are highly durable.

Wood Floors

Hardwood flooring comes in two types such as 100% solid hardwood or engineered wood and can be placed in most areas or rooms or your home. It is not recommended in areas of high humidity or susceptibility to puddle formation, therefore, areas like laundry rooms or bathrooms should be avoided. Cork is a derivative of bark and is eco-friendly, hypoallergenic, antimicrobial and highly sustainable. It’s stain and mildew resistant and springs back from wear in high traffic areas. Keep in mind that this material may divot under heavy furniture and requires water sealing if necessary. Bamboo flooring is also an eco-friendly and highly renewable option that comes if light wood options. It’s easy to install and hypoallergenic. It is not recommended to be placed in areas of high moisture or humidity due to its susceptibility of warping when exposed.

Tile Flooring

Flooring Varieties to Fit With Your Aesthetic!

Our flooring installations come in a variety of options for any aesthetic preference!

Ceramic tiles can consist of terracotta, porcelain, quarry or glazed and are good for rooms where areas may get wet as they are waterproof in nature. Engineered tile is engineered with 70% limestone and other resilient materials that be an alternative to ceramic, porcelain or natural stone tile options with the bonus of being softer when you step on as well as warmer. Unlike ceramic tile, this can be installed over minor sub floor irregularities with risking cracks. With or without grout this material is beneficial in that it can be installed anywhere in the home yet is ideal for areas susceptible to high-moisture such as bathrooms, basements, kitchens and laundry rooms. In turn, engineered wood tiles are a stable option that has layered construction which features a wood top and backing. These are good options for basements or can be placed over radiant heating systems or concrete slabs.

The options for flooring installations are numerous and differing materials can be susceptible to the area of the home in which you place it. No matter the type, Americana Remodeling LLC offers skilled technicians that are ready to install any of your flooring needs!

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