Home Additions

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Home Additions Add Space, Comfort & Functionality

Add more space to your home to increase comfort & functionality!

Home additions are a great thing to add to your home when you’re thinking of making some refreshing changes without tearing down the entirety of your home! Additions can range in type from exterior additions like decks, patios, dormers, and garages to those in the interior. With different types of additions, of course, come different pricing, ultimately the cost of building additions will factor in the type of addition, the age of your home, size, quality of materials and more! In the long run, building addition is worth the effort and costs as they are a great way to add value to your home while giving you rooms you’ll have optimal use for! Here are a few examples of home addition ideas, if you don’t see an idea represented for your residential remodeling, Americana Remodeling LLC would love to hear from you and work with you to achieve your home addition goals! We’ll be happy to work with you on options that best fit your budget!

Full Additions

The most common type of addition and perhaps one of the priciest! However, if you’re in need of extra rooms like a new den, living room or bedroom they can be well worth it! The choices of room options are unlimited and really depend on the budget and size of your lot. Since these additions are large, they can be complicated in planning and time consuming but it’s important for home systems like your electricity, plumbing, HVAC or more will be able to function well with your new room!  As long as you stay in communications with your home additions contractor, all will work out relatively well in the end with great results due to diligence! If you’re ever planning on reselling your home, full additions will definitely add to its value!

Room Conversions

If you have an existing space from previous rooms, basements, attics or garages that you have no practical use for and would like to convert them for a different use, then a room conversion is the choice for you! It’s convenient and cost-effective in that rather than building a brand new space with everything that comes with it, you save on construction and costs with only adding outlets, wiring, and drywall! Make sure to do it properly with people you trust as poorly done conversions could cost you more and lower the value of your home! As long as it’s done carefully if you’ve always wanted an office, workshop or craft room than conversions are a great option for you!

Bump It Out

A bump out adds a little more extra square footage to certain rooms without reconfiguring adjacent rooms in your home! In contrast to full additions, these additions can only extend up to 3 feet away from the home and add 10-12 feet in width. It’s a great option when you desire to make functionality more spacious without spending too much. If you’ve got a kitchen that is smaller than you’d like, adding 40-60 square feet can make movement, storage or cooking smoother. For your dining room or kitchen, this space can allow for you to add in a little nook for meals! For bedrooms, you can add a study space with a desk nook or even a window seat! No matter the room of choice, small changes greatly provide in comfort and use!

Garage or Dormer Additions

If you need more storage for your cars, tools and other items or perhaps you’d like a workspace, the size of a garage addition will allow for a variety of uses for you and your family. You can choose to have it be detached for more flexibility in size and location or attached to allow for easy access to the house. A dormer is a jutting window often seen on the steep roofline of a house. Many homeowners choose for these additions for more bedroom, bathroom, attic to room conversion or guest room space. They come in a variety of styles such as hip, shed or gable roofs. Dormers are great for sun or reading seats as well! They ultimately enhance the appeal of the home and add in architectural design elements too!


Sunroom Patio Home Addition

Sunrooms are great for natural light & scenery!

Sunrooms are great for those of you who like to soak up natural light! These rooms are made primarily of windows and are designed for you to enjoy the benefits of observing nature without being in it. They are great for your plants as well yourself during inclement weather! They are often unheated but options can  include unheated sunrooms, wood framed or aluminum sunrooms or four-season rooms (which are hooked to your home’s heating and cooling systems.) If you prefer additional lighting or fans than those options are also available for your consideration in improving your home!

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