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Interior Home Painting Room Types

Consider the type of paint used in each room as micro-environments can affect wear!

Believe it or not, each room in your home has a micro-environment that requires different paints and sheen to be used in reaction to differing humidity and other factors. In order to cater to these needs, there has been a creation of niche painting types per room or area. Although this is the case, most paints have the ability to be crossed over with only a few rooms or area specific only. If you’re considering skilled interior painting services in  San Antonio, TX, Americana Remodeling LLC is ready to do on the painter’s hat and grab a roller! Here are some room specific painting recommendations for your convenience!

Painting the Kitchen, Living Room & Bedrooms

Kitchens are areas that may be wiped-down do to fumes and cleaning, therefore avoiding flat or other types of matte paints is recommended. Beyond that, they are generally considered interior wall paint when looking for specific paint types. Homeowners may opt for satin or eggshell sheen but for easy maintenance consider semi-gloss sheen. This type of paint is labeled as interior wall paint with latex enamel compositions and satin or greater sheen. As these areas of the home are considered low-impact areas, you can technically paint them as you see fit with any paint you’d like. Some paints that are often used are satin, eggshell sheen latex or flat paints. These types of paints are labeled as interior wall paint with 100 acrylic composition. Sheen could be flat, satin or eggshell.

Bathroom Painting

Since bathrooms are susceptible to moisture build up and fog, the need for wipe-ability is perhaps the greatest in this room inside the home! That’s why paints with glossier sheen just might be the way to go as they have a tighter molecular structure than flat paints which make it even more difficult for moisture penetration. When looking into paint types, look for premium paints, or those labeled as bathroom paints. Consider the composition be latex enamel with satin or justified sheen. Although these paints have a higher gloss, they will ultimately perform better in the long run. Bathtub or shower paint jobs actually don’t use the term paint. These bathroom surfaces actually require what is coined as coatings or refinishing. Look into coatings designed specifically for sinks, tiles, bathtubs and their surroundings. The composition uses an acrylic resin that has two parts, a base color, and base hardener. The sheen is more often finished off with a gloss.

Painting Unfinished Basement Walls, Ceilings & Drywall

Some basement walls, such as masonry walls, can weep water or give off water vapor. There are specific paints that can help the specific wall you have, like basement masonry paint that has elastomeric capabilities. It expands and then resumes the previous shape when the pressure is gone that can seal cracks up to 1/16 of an inch wide. This type of paint can be labeled as basement flexible primer and finish, can have latex acrylic composition and a glossy sheen. The reason why most ceilings are painted a flat white is due to the reflective qualities of light back into the room. Flat paint creates the illusion of a larger room while glossy paints create the illusion of limited space. These paints can be labeled as ceiling paint or can be any flat white interior paint, can have latex compositions and a flat sheen. Drywall has an outer layer that is often more porous than any other and would soak up all incoming liquids. That’s why primer is essential before laying down a color or coat of paint. This type of wall uses primers that are labeled for drywall or wallboard, usually has a 100% acrylic latex composition with no sheen as all primers are flat or matte.

Painting Trim, Cabinets, Windows or Doors

These can have a variety of choices depending on your preference, you could use oil-based paints for smoother surfaces or use water-soluble latex enamel. These paints do have long dry times and fumes so it may be best to be out of your home when this is done or open your windows and doors for safe breathing. These types of paints can be labeled as a cabinet or trim paint or you can use any oil-based or acrylic latex paint. The composition consists of alkyd (oil) or acrylic latex where the acrylic additive protects the white-tints from yellowing. Sheen can be semi-gloss or glossy depending on your preference.

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