Home Window Replacement

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Window Replacement Types & Methods

There are many different types of window replacements such as this double glass pan!

Windows can be impacted by unexpected forces throughout the years which can be a cause for replacement or repairs. At times, paints may fade, cracks may appear or windows may not close properly causing drafts to pervade your home. Depending on the issue, a home window replacement may be necessary. Luckily, there are many options you can undergo as far as the type of window you’d like to undertake as well as methods of installation.

Signs You Need to Replace Windows

  • Storm Damage: If you live in an area where your home is susceptible to high winds or weather that can cause cracks and breaks from outside impacts of flying materials, it may be best to consider impact-resistant replacement options or ones that can withstand temperature changes.
  • Damages: Damage to a window can be minor or severe depending on the situation that may arise. Some may only require simple repairs such as replacing the weather strip or certain hardware. Others may require more in-depth fixtures or replacements like with warps or breaks. Yet if areas such as the window sash or frame are the issue, it’s usually recommended to replace the window in order to prevent further problems that come with these particular cases. These problems can include fog, window sticking, drafts and refusal of the window to stay open.
  • Reduce Energy Bill: If your window is drafty, chances are that your energy has increased by 10-25%! In these instances, replacing your window with energy-efficient ones can reduce your heating and cooling bills.
  • Home Renovation: Perhaps your home needs an upgrade into more energy efficient options, the materials may have aged and don’t function properly or you’re simply desiring an overall style change. Window installation can be set to fit a particular style so you may have the new look you were desiring!

Types of Replacement Methods

Full frame window installations involve removing the entirety of the older window for the installation of a new one. This method is usually incorporated when the window needs a larger opening, there’s an air leakage or the window frame is severely deteriorated.

Insert window installations involve inserting a new window into an existing frame. This method is usually reserved for cases where the window frame and sill are still in good working condition, the casing and trim need to remain in place during the installation or existing materials allow for the new insertion while maintaining structural strength.

Types of Replacement Windows

Single hung replacement windows feature the upper sash staying stagnant while the lower sash moves up or down. When the window is being open, the lower window overlaps the top from the inside of the room and it can be tilted inwards for cleaning purposes. Double hung replacement windows feature the upper sash and lower sash having the ability to lower or be raised while also having the ability to be tilted inwards for cleaning. Bay and bow windows project outwards of the home, thereby providing a small shelf for the room while coincidentally adding extra floor space. With this added space, most homeowners choose to add a window seat to the extra area. Bay windows are added to flat windows that are set into an angled frame built outside of the home. Bow windows are made from custom curved windows which join together to form a circular extension in the house.

Picture windows can incorporate floor to ceiling views of the outside or are at the very least generally larger than most windows. The namesake comes due to these windows framing the wall in a way where the outside looks like a picture. They generally do not open up and are not ideal for homes that need emergency ventilation. However, they do provide more natural lighting. Sliding windows are similar in function to sliding doors, two sections usually made from a single window rest side by side with one slightly projected forward in placement. To open the window, one side slides over horizontally on top of the other one in an overlap. Only the movable half of the window can be used for ventilation as the other rests immobile. Casement windows crank outwards from the inside of the home and open from the far most left and right-hand sides. Since they can only open from inside your home, casement windows add to home security. This style is ideal for those who wish to have fresh outside air come into their residence.

Window Repair & Replacement Tasks

Whatever tools your fixture requires to get the job done, Americana Remodeling is here!

There are many options and styles of residential window replacements that can greatly change the feel of your home while providing you with protective benefits! Windows provide a look into the outside world from the comfort of indoors. It’s important when considering your window design to take structural implications into mind. We recommended speaking with our experts so you can decide which window replacement or installation option is right for you and your home! We’re happy to provide you with information and answers to any questions that you may have so you can get the top quality results you deserve!

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