Siding Installation

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Home Siding Installation Improves Home's Look

We offer a variety of tools & processes that will make your home look great on all sides!

When you construct your home, you know that the front is where the eye goes, but the sides of the home are the finishing touches and compliment that shouldn’t be brushed aside! Home siding, aka cladding, are the sides of your home’s walls that offers protection from the elements, aids in inside insulation and warmth while also enhancing or detracting from a home’s beauty.

Siding installations involve weather-resistant materials that are smaller than the wall they cover to allow for expansion and contraction that coincides with temperature and moisture variances. Siding can assist in the insulation and cooling of your home while protecting it from weather elements such as winds and cold. There are certain siding techniques and materials that can add in protective benefits, durability, and longevity.

Techniques of Joining

Depending on the goal of protection or your home’s construction, there are many ways that siding pieces can be joined and designed in order to prevent water infiltration on the siding walls. The way that the materials are laid can change the flow of water as well. In some cases, extra insulation can be added to your home if that is a concern you have in mind. It’s best to speak with a Americana Remodeling LLC expert about your home and to see what the right option is for your property.

  • Board & Batton: A thin strip about 1-2 inches wide covers where the butt joints between the panels.
  • Lap Siding/Clapboard: Planks are laid horizontally from the bottom up and new boards overlap above the previous ones.
  • Stucco: This plaster like siding is applied over a lattice that does not have the pieces joined together, therefore, they eventually crack and are susceptible to water damage.
  • Rainscreen: a moisture resistant air barrier is applied to the sheathing and the cladding stands off from this surface. This air barrier creates a capillary break which allows for water evaporation or drainage keeping the walls dry.

Metal Siding Installation

Metal siding comes in a variety of metal material options from aluminum, steel, copper, and zinc. It does not mimic styles such as stucco, brick or stone siding as these would require conforming to unique shapes. Metal siding tends to keep it straight forward with panel shapes that are usually corrugated, placed vertically or mimic lap siding.  Zinc and copper materials often don’t need to be painted over as they are fine as a stand-alone for aging and weathering. You are able to paint other metals and coatings are recommended for added protection over weather or corrosion. Galvanized steel, for example, protects the steel from corrosion and rust due to the zinc coating applied to them. These siding materials offer good insulation to homes, are resistant to fire, waterproof, and insect proof. Metal has a long life span, upwards 50 years, require minimal maintenance and fixtures are rarely needed. Metal is recyclable, unlike other materials, which greatly reduces landfill waste. They also have the added benefit of being relatively fast to install.

Fiber Cement Siding Installation

Variety of House Siding Techniques

Different siding techniques assist in water protection based on how they are applied!

Fiber cement is a material that is made up of wood pulp that improve flexibility and resilience, water which dissolves the wood pulp activating and hardening the cement, fly ash or silica sand that acts as a filler and lastly, Portland cement which is made up of clay, limestone and iron which binds all the materials together. This type of siding can mimic the look of shingles, brick, painted wood clapboards or stone yet is the fraction of the cost of these various materials! What’s more, it’s the only siding material that combines this mimicry with masonry performance expectations. Therefore, it is resistant to fire, splitting, rot and termites and also stands against cold temperatures or wind. Depending on the region where your home resides, there are also added benefits to fiber cement siding. In the south, where termites and fungi thrive, fiber cement has the ability to repel these nuisances.

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