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Residential Roofing Contractor Roof Installations

We have a variety of roofing installations options such as asphalt shingles!

When selecting roofing contractors, the first thing that comes into mind is if they can get the job done! With Americana Remodeling LLC you can expect top-notch quality roofing services. With more than 30 years of experience, we’re the local roofers that you can trust! We offer a variety of roofing installations and materials that can fit any preference so you can have a strong roof for your property!

Our Roof Installation Services:

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With architectural roof shingles, don’t let the name confuse you, these are also asphalt roof shingles but they have also been referred to in the past as laminate or dimensional shingles. The difference in these is that premium grade! Architectural roof shingles are thicker with a distinctive texture. They have an average lifespan of 24-30 years with some super premium grades rated up to to 40 years! Regular asphalt roof shingles are the tried and true preference for many, asphalt roof shingles are a classic roof installation choice for any home. These have 3 tabs or flaps that have quarter inch grooves in them between each panel. They have an average life span of 15-20 years.

Impact resistant shingles are exactly as they sound! Some impact resistant shingles are considered a class 4 product with protection against hail and high winds, these types are usually made from a rubberized polymer! Materials can range from aluminum, asphalt, copper, resin, and plastic. They have an average life span of 20-35 years. Want to add a touch of class to your roof? Tile roof installations add a variable look to your roof reminiscent of various styles such as Spanish terracotta. Most tile roofing materials are made out of clay, sand, concrete or composite tiles that are lighter in weight. Depending on the materials, the average lifespan can range 20-50 years.

Basic Roof Installation Steps

The steps int roof installations can vary depending on your roofing official, however, there are fundamental practices that are acquired by many that can be very informative you as a homeowner.

  1. Remove/tear off old roofing materials, (be sure to remove old nails or flatten them out,) and have scaffolding installed.
  2.  Optionally install drip edges to give your roof’s edges a nice finished look, prevent water from going into your fascia boards and to keep your shingles from curling over the edge. (Cover fascia boards on eaves.)
  3. Install underlayment (they can be self-stick to provide proper protection against ice dams from its ability to seal out water.)
  4. Install drip edge on gable ends of roof overlapping them as you work your way up the roof.
  5. Cover the roof with felt paper (aka tar paper or builder’s paper) and staple them in adequately. (Felt paper helps to shed water from under the shingles.)
  6. Run felt over the peak and overlap it on the other side.
  7. Flash the valleys, valleys are where the water is channeled so they need extra protection.
  8. Install starter shingles, if you don’t start with these water will get into the seams of the first two rows which can increase the likelihood of leak formation in the future.
  9. Install shingles, every shingle brand has its own pattern to nailing them down and it’s critical to follow the manufacturer’s nailing instructions.
  10. Install step and dormer flashing, it’s possible to reuse flashing but to get a better seal it’s best to tear off the siding in these areas and install new flashing.
  11. Install a layer of underlayment, shingles than flashing around attic or plumbing vents or plumbing stacks Processes will differ according to each of these structures.
  12. Cap your roof’s ridges with top ridge cap shingles overlapping the hip ridge caps. Depending on if the wind is an issue, the areas where you start and end will differ.
  13. Seal it all up after sweeping the debris from your roof. Seal exposed nails and stack flashing that has a rubber boot from where the rubber meets pipe. Sealants require maintenance every few years. Fun tip, asphalt, and silicone based sealants tend to dry when exposed to direct sunlight and won’t last as long.
Roofing Installations by Qualified Professionals

Have a qualified professional take on the task of your next roofing installation!

When you want to add a new roof to your home, you want a variety of choices to choose from! There are many ways to upgrade the look of your roof into styles that are pleasing to your preferences. With the advent of protective features, your new roof installation can have the added benefits of longevity and protection from weather and wear. To avoid roofing defects that often come from improper roofing installation techniques, have a qualified professional you can trust to do the task! We here are Americana Remodeling LLC are always ready to provide you with top quality service!

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