Tile Roof Installation

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Flat Tile Styles for Roof Installation

Tile roof installations come in a variety of styles like the flat (shake) tiles featured here.

For your next roof installation, consider tile roof repairs or installations with Americana Remodeling LLC! Our qualified professionals are equipped with a variety of tools and materials in order to provide you with roofing styles that will best suit your overall home design! With tile roofing, the most used materials in this roofing variety are clay and concrete. Within these two categories are various styles which you can implement into a fresh new look in accordance with your roof installation preferences.

Concrete Tile Roof Installation

Concrete tiles were first introduced in the early 20th century but didn’t really pick up in use until the 1960s. Most homes in Europe, about 90%, use this type of tiles while over half of America does the same. These tiles are also lower in cost than it’s clay counterparts! All concrete tile coloring can be expected to soften and fade over time. Concrete tiles can have colors added to the surface from the slurry of iron-oxide pigments or with color added into the concrete mix in order to result in a more durable and expensive through-color. With through-colors however, choices are limited and colors are more subdued. They will, however, hold their color better than the slurry type especially under freeze-thaw situations. Either coloring method is ultimately sealed with clear acrylic spray to assist with curing and efflorescence.

In a nutshell: Concrete tiles are impervious to fire, insects, and decay. They last 50 plus years, resists high winds and can be formulated to resist freeze-thaw cycles. They also hold a Class A fire rating and their styles can simulate shakes or slates. Ultimately, concrete tiles are durable and easy to maintain. Consider concrete tiles for your next roofing endeavor and feel free to ask questions for more information!


  • Curved
  • Flat Interlocking low profile
  • Spanish S-tile
  • Flat (Shake/Shingle)

Types of Profiles


Common high profile tile roofs include the two piece pan and cover Mission tile and one piece Spanish S-tile. Low profiling roof tiles come in a variety of styles and many come with double-S shapes which create multiple watercourses. Low profiles create heights that are 1/5 or less of the tile’s width You can also have flat profiles, which have roof tiles with surface rises up to 1/2 inch that can resemble slate or wood shakes. High profiles create heights of 1/5 more than the tile’s width.

Clay Tile Roof Installation

Clay roofing tiles are made from moist clay that go through a die or cast that’s in a mold. They are then fired in a kiln until the clay vitrifies or fuses the particles together. Vitrification creates a stronger material with low water absorption which causes protection from freeze-thaw in cold climates or salt air in coastal areas. In general, clay tiles don’t fade in the sun and come in a variety of colors. Color-through options take the natural color of the clay from light tan, pink to red. Other colors options are created by having colors added to them, they can be created in two ways. One way has colors added to the clay’s surface as a clay slurry before firing. These types of clay are only suitable for warm climates as they can’t handle freeze-thaw cycles. Another method is coloring with ceramic glazes which create a durable, glass-like surface. This method offers use of just about any color.

In a nutshell: Clay tiles are colorfast, impervious to fire, insects, and decay. They can last 50 plus years, are able to resist high winds and can be formulated to resist freeze-thaw cycles. They also hold a Class A fire rating. Although they aren’t as durable as clay tiles, they are also easy to maintain. Consider clay tiles for your next roofing endeavor and feel free to ask questions for more information!


  • Mission aka Barrel aka Pan and cover: Roman & Greek profile
  • Flat Shingle laid in double thickness
  • Spanish S-tile 
  • Interlocking
  • Flat (Shake)
Concrete Tile Roof Installation

Concrete tile roof installation or other tile types are great to consider for your roofing!

Tile roofing is a good option to consider for your next roofing project be it with concrete or clay options. They offer a variety of colors, are safe from fires and freeze thaws, come in a range of styles and are all easy to maintain. Let us know if particular styles, like Spanish Style roof tiles, or are in need of repairs of specific materials, like concrete roof repair. We’ll be happy to offer fixtures and well as installations in order to provide you with many options for your home’s maintenance. If you require a roof inspection to see what materials are more beneficial for your roof,  we offer them for free! Feel free to let us know if you have any questions or concerns, and we’ll be happy to guide you in the process and offer the best recommendations! We’re always putting our customer’s in the forefront here at Americana Remodeling LLC!

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