Soffit Repair

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When you look up at your roof’s eaves while sitting on your porch or backyard, you’re looking directly at your soffit and fascia boards! When you notice or see that they show signs of water damages, you risk your home’s protection from inclement weather and even temperature variations from uneven ventilation. Instead of waiting for the problem to fix itself, it’s best to contact your local roofers to investigate the issue and see if soffit repairs, roof fascia repairs or soffit installations are necessary.

What is Soffit?

Soffit Roof Installation on Roof Eaves

A construction worker mounts a soffit under the roof’s eaves.

They are the horizontal layers under a roof’s eaves, arches or awnings that may cover exposed rafter tails and protecting the roof’s overhang from inclement weather that could cause the roof’s beams to form mold or be susceptible to rot. Part of the function of a soffit is to assist in the ventilation of your attic as they are typically made with tiny holes for this purpose. The air that passes through the soffit from the outside cycles through the vents of your home and draws heat and moisture away from your house.

Because of possible disintegration that comes about from exposure to heat and moisture, most soffit are made from vinyl which can withstand these factors as it is water resistance. Ultimately this material can save you on energy costs as it allows for even temperatures around your home. In addition to these benefits, they come in a variety of grains and textures doesn’t rot, resilient to cracks and chips. A downside is that it can discolor over time and if exposed to sunlight and heat can become weakened or form mold with damp climate.

There are several other types of materials that can be used besides vinyl. Aluminum is more malleable material than vinyl that also won’t crack or chip, is noncombustible, water resistant, a good insulator, and is easy to clean. This material can fit in varied spaces and is affordable. Another option is steel which is more expansive than aluminum but more durable than wood and comes in a variety of colors.

Wood is the most expensive soffit material and can require extra maintenance to keep it looking new. It may need vent installation with this material for proper ventilation. Fiber cement gives you the look of wood soffit with different wood grains, vents, and colors without all the extra maintenance.

What are fascia boards?

A fascia board covers the front of soffit and serves as a mount for gutters or as an attachment for trusses and rafters. It primarily serves to protect the edge of the roof’s wooden boards from water damage as well as preventing water from getting into the home. Aesthetically fascia boards create a smoother appearance of the home as it gives the roof a more finished edge.

Things That Can Cause Soffit or Fascia Damages:

When gutters become clogged, the first line of defense from water damage, the parts of the roof directly connected to them thereby become susceptible to further damages from mold, mildew, heat, rust, dents, storms, water, and rot. Some signs of soffit or fascia damage can include the infestation of insects or other animals, discoloration, peeling, rotten wood, cracks, holes, rotting, water damage on interior walls, frost in the attic, or leaking gutters.

Possible Repairs or Installation:

If your wood is rotten, it’s best to get it removed with new installations and fresh lumber to replace older damaged pieces. Once the new wood has been applied the work will then be sealed, caulked and painted over. If you are considering adding to the overall aesthetic and feel of your home, the design elements of soffit and fascia can greatly add to the embellishment of the borders! Installation of these two elements is highly recommended!

Mounting Soffit on Roof Eaves

A construction worker mounts a soffit under the roof’s arches.

If you see signs of damage on your soffit or fascia boards that might require soffit repair, roof fascia repair or soffit installations it’s best to give your local roofing company a call here at Americana Remodeling LLC! We know that safety is important and time is of the essence, that’s why we make sure our skilled technicians are able to work around or with a variety of conditions as we know not all situations are ideal. We are always open to your questions and will be sure to go through the specifics with you throughout fascia or soffit repairs or installations.

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